A Refreshed look for Neindorf 145 Baby Grand Piano.

Project Objectives:

The objective of the restoration was to revive the beautiful, German-made piano, extending its lifespan and enhancing its overall appeal.

SoloPlay Grand Piano Before

Project Summary:

The neglected piano, which had been stored for a long time, required extensive restoration due to missing pedals, a bench, scratches, dents, and broken legs with missing wheels. However, its internal components were in good condition. The determined owner opted to restore and transform the piano’s color to black.

The restoration project involved sourcing or fabricating replacements for the missing pedals and bench, ensuring the piano’s functionality and comfort during play. The external appearance was revitalized by repairing scratches, dents, broken legs, and installing missing wheels. The piano’s color was transformed to black through a professional refinishing process.

Throughout the restoration, the focus remained on preserving the piano’s internal components, making only necessary adjustments and minor repairs. By the project’s completion, the neglected piano was successfully revived, showcasing a visually stunning and fully functional instrument ready to provide years of musical enjoyment.

Project Duration:

The restoration project for the neglected piano had a duration of approximately 20 working days. During this time, several actions were undertaken to restore and transform the piano. These included repairing the damaged legs and adding new wheels for improved mobility, installing a customized set of pedals, refinishing the piano’s color to a sleek ebony black, reconditioning the metals and accessories, adding personalized touches, maintaining and regulating the piano’s action, moving it to a new location, and conducting a fine-tuning process. By the end of the project, the piano was fully restored and transformed, ready to bring years of musical enjoyment.

SoloPlay Grand Piano After

End Results:

The restoration process revitalized the neglected piano, resulting in a sleek ebony black appearance that exudes elegance. Its renewed durability ensures longevity, while its captivating musical capabilities provide endless enjoyment for the owner.

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