A Refreshed look for F. THURMER Upright Piano Restoration.

Project Objectives:

The objective of the project is to provide a refreshed look and an enhanced playing experience for a German full-size upright piano manufactured by Fred Thurmer between 1905 and 1908. The goals include giving the piano an antique appearance, improving its playability, and extending its lifespan. Despite being unused for a prolonged period, the piano’s strings, soundboard, and tuning pins are in excellent condition. The project aims to service the instrument both internally and externally to restore its optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 2 Before

The Project:

The project involved transforming a piano from its original black veneer to a beautiful natural wood color stain with a semi-gloss finish. Natural wood veneer was carefully applied to the front and bottom panel of the piano, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. To add a touch of vintage elegance, two brass candle holders were installed on the front panel, along with two gilt brass piano side holders.

The restoration process included a comprehensive cleaning and reconditioning of the piano’s ivory keys and ebony keys, restoring their original beauty and functionality. Additionally, all existing brass and metal parts were meticulously reconditioned, and a vintage brass candle holder was incorporated onto the front panel.

To ensure optimal performance, a full restoration of the piano action was undertaken. This involved addressing any mechanical issues and fine-tuning the action and keys for a smooth and responsive playing experience. Furthermore, specific improvements were made, such as fixing six loose tuning pins and replacing five strings. Finally, the piano underwent pitch rising and fine-tuning to achieve the desired sound quality.

This project showcases the expertise and attention to detail involved in restoring a piano to its former glory, combining aesthetic enhancements with functional improvements.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 2 After

End Results:

A unique piano sound from the early 20th century | An antique look and feel | Playable like new | Giving this beautiful vintage piano a longer life.

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