Refreshed Look and Enhanced Playing Experience for a Vintage C. Bechstein Upright Piano (1890)


We undertook the restoration of a magnificent C. Bechstein upright piano dating back to 1890, with the primary objectives of giving it a refreshed look, enhancing the playing experience, and extending its lifespan. This project aimed to breathe new life into this remarkable instrument, preserving its historical significance while ensuring it can be enjoyed for years to come.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 4 Before

The Condition (Before)

Having been out of use for an extended period, the piano required comprehensive servicing inside and out. However, the string, soundboard, and tuning pins were found to be in excellent condition, providing a solid foundation for the restoration process.

Project Duration: 20 days

Restoration Steps:

  • Restore the cabinet to the original ebony color with a satin finish.
  • Clean and recondition the piano’s ivory and ebony keys.
  • Add original brass candle holders to the front panel.
  • Fully restore the piano’s action.
  • Replace piano dampers and bridle tapes.
  • Regulate the piano’s action and keys.
  • Perform pitch raising and fine-tuning.

End Results:

  • Unique piano sound from the early 19th century.
  • Antique look and feel.
  • Playable like new.
  • Extended lifespan for this beautiful vintage piano.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 4 After


The restoration of this vintage C. Bechstein upright piano from 1890 accomplished the objective of giving it a refreshed appearance, improving its playability, and ensuring its longevity. With its unique sound, antique aesthetic, and enhanced functionality, this piano is a valuable addition to any musician’s collection or a captivating centerpiece in various settings.

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