Refreshed Look and Enhanced Playing Experience for a Vintage John Broadwood & Sons Upright Piano (1905)


Transform the piano into an antique masterpiece with improved playability and extended lifespan.
The Condition (Before):
The piano had undergone a previous restoration project in the late 1980s and received regular tunings.

SoloPlay Upright Piano Before

Project Duration: 25 days

Restoration Steps:

  • Change the black veneer to a natural wood color stain with a semi-gloss finish.
  • Clean and recondition the ivory and ebony keys.
  • Add vintage brass candle holders to the front panel and restore all existing brass and metal parts.
  • Fully restore the piano action, including replacing hammers and dampers.
  • Regulate the piano’s action and keys.
  • Replace loose tuning pins.
  • Restring the piano’s base strings.
  • Perform pitch raising and fine-tuning.

End Results:

  • Unique piano sound reminiscent of the early 20th century.
  • Antique look and feel, capturing the essence of the era.
  • Playable like new, delivering a responsive touch.
  • Extended lifespan, ensuring the preservation of this beautiful vintage piano.

SoloPlay Upright Piano After


The restoration of this cottage upright piano by John Broadwood & Sons from 1905 achieved the goal of giving it an antique new look, enhancing its playability, and extending its lifespan. With its unique sound, vintage aesthetic, and improved functionality, this piano serves as a remarkable addition to any musician’s collection or a captivating centerpiece in various settings.

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