Refreshed Look and Enhanced Playing Experience for a Steinway & Sons Model Z (1950)


Revitalize the piano’s appearance, improve playability, and extend its lifespan.
The Condition (Before):
The piano had been unused for a considerable period but had well-preserved string, soundboard, and tuning pins.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 3 Before

Project Duration: 10 days

Restoration Steps:

  • Recondition and polish the piano shell to restore its original luster.
  • Thoroughly clean and recondition the ivory and ebony keys.
  • Replace the piano dampers for improved tonal quality.
  • Install new bridle tapes/straps to ensure precise action alignment.
  • Regulate the piano’s action and keys for optimal touch and consistency.
  • Perform pitch raising and fine-tuning to achieve proper tonal balance.

End Results:

  • Unique piano sound characteristic of the 20th century.
  • Restored original look and feel, preserving its authenticity.
  • Playable like a new instrument with a responsive touch.
  • Extended lifespan, ensuring the piano’s continued enjoyment.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 3 After


The restoration of this Steinway & Sons Model Z piano from 1950 successfully accomplished the objectives of refreshing its appearance, enhancing playability, and extending its lifespan. With its unique sound, original aesthetic, and improved functionality, this piano is a remarkable addition to any musician’s collection or a captivating centerpiece in various settings.

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