Refreshed Look and Enhanced Playing Experience for an Otto Bach Upright Piano (1920)


Give this stunning piano a refreshed appearance, improved playability, and extended lifespan.
The Condition (Before):
The piano had been unused for a significant period, requiring comprehensive servicing. However, the strings, soundboard, and tuning pins were in excellent condition.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 5 Before

Project Duration: 20 days

Restoration Steps:

  • Restore the piano’s cabinet to its original ebony color with a satin finish.
  • Thoroughly clean and recondition the ivory and ebony keys.
  • Locate and add original brass candle holders to the front panel.
  • Perform a full restoration of the piano’s action.
  • Replace the piano dampers for optimal tonal quality.
  • Replace the bridle tapes/straps to ensure precise action alignment.
  • Regulate the piano’s action and keys for improved touch and responsiveness.
  • Conduct pitch raising and fine-tuning to achieve proper tonal balance.

End Results:

  • Unique piano sound reminiscent of the early 19th century.
  • Antique look and feel, capturing the essence of its era.
  • Playable like a new instrument, with enhanced responsiveness.
  • Extended lifespan, ensuring the preservation of this beautiful vintage piano.

SoloPlay Upright Piano 5 After


The restoration of this Otto Bach upright piano from 1920 successfully achieved the objectives of giving it a refreshed appearance, improving playability, and extending its lifespan. With its unique sound, antique aesthetic, and enhanced functionality, this piano serves as a remarkable addition to any musician’s collection or as an elegant centerpiece in various settings.

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